Company profile

ALS Arabia Biyaq LLC is one of the largest and most diverse providers of Analytical Services in the Sultanate of Oman.  We are a growing and dynamic provider of analytical solutions for a diversified range of analytical testing services including Oil and Gas testing (including Oil Condition Monitoring and Tribology), Environmental and General Chemistry testing, Food and Beverage Physio-Chemical and Microbiology Testing services, Minerals services, as well as product assessment testing to International or Omani/GCC standards.  Our broad client base includes national, state and local governments, private industry, multinationals, utilities, and major oil and gas, mining and resource companies.

We take pride in our experience and professional dedication. We are committed to providing the necessary resources to maintain and further develop our expertise to meet our clients’ needs.

ALS Arabia Biyaq is committed to quality and safety leadership; R&D; technical excellence and client support; timely service delivery and reliability; and delivering innovative, efficient and cost effective solutions to its broad client base.

People and knowledge are key priorities for the company and as such, internal development programs are routinely run to foster both technical and business skills.

High Quality data, Safety Leadership, excellent Quality Systems, Service Integrity, Strong Innovation and R&D are what our clients both expect and receive.  Our clients acknowledge the expert technical support, superior client service and personalized training are the key factors for why they continuously rate ALS Arabia Biyaq so highly.

ALS Arabia BIYAQ Mission

Provide a diversified range of high quality services to our clients, through first-class customer service and superior quality testing. Our services will be synonymous with reliability, consistency, technical superiority and efficiency.

ALS Arabia BIYAQ Vision

To provide a world class analytical service with exceptional quality and reliability.