Corporate Responsibility

ALS Arabia Biyaq is committed to performing it’s duties in an efficient and ethical manner, meeting and often exceeding standards that govern the operations and complying with all applicable laws.


ALS Arabia Biyaq believes that achieving compliance obligations is a responsibility essential to its long-term success.

ALS Arabia Biyaq is committed to all legislation that relates to it’s operations.

All ALS Arabia Biyaq employees are responsible for complying with policies and procedures established to ensure that ALS Arabia Biyaq fulfils the requirements. Every employee,  contractor,  or agent of the company is held accountable  to conform to the law and act ethically at all times.


ALS Arabia Biyaq is dedicated to comply with the National Omanization Policy of Oman. ALS Arabia Biyaq strongly encourages the employment of Omani National and has enacted policies to promote Omanization.

Health and Safety

ALS Arabia Biyaq is committed to achieving the highest level of occupational health and safety performance at all of its sites through the reduction of risk of workplace injuries and illness. The company has a comprehensive health and safety program which protects staff, contractors, visitors, property, and the public. Compliance with health and safety legislation, development of safe operating procedures, employee training programs, regular site inspections and annual audits ensure that employees at every level are responsible and accountable for the company’s health and safety performance.