Environmental & Chemistry

A commitment to having the highest level of technical expertise and knowledge provides the assurance that data are supported by a quality program using only state of the art instrumentation and procedures. The Environmental Division specializes in organic, inorganic and microbiological determinations in a wide variety of matrices including soils, sediments, water (raw, waste, drinking, seawater, recycled, saline, product), leachate, dust, biota and raw material. 

The Environmental Division provides high quality and dependable analytical testing data to assist consulting and engineering firms, industry, and government agencies around the world in making informed decisions for environmental projects. The comprehensive range of environmental testing and technical support services is complemented by a solid commitment to quality and customer service. Analytical methods are adopted from international standards (AS, ISO, ASTM, USEPA, etc.).

The Division specializes in the analysis of soil, sediment, water (raw, waste, drinking, catchment, recycled, saline, product), leachates, dust, air (indoor, stack, ambient), gas and biota.

The range of analytical services provided across the abovementioned matrices includes routine, trace and ultra trace level organics (volatile and semi volatile, herbicides, pesticides, PCBs and disinfection byproducts), metals and nutrients, inorganic non metallics, microbiological, biological, toxicological parameters, particle sizing and radio nucleotides done locally or through our global partner.

The laboratory is equipped with the latest analytical equipment including ICP-AES, GC, spectrophtometer, TKN analyser; amongst a comprehensive inventory.  The division is characterized by a strong quality and service ethos.

Technical aspects aside, the Environmental Division is a Service Provider. Deliverables are tailored to meet the rigors of industry with Quality and On-Time Delivery prevailing. Standard deliverables include:

  • Real time on-line access to data (WebTrieve)
  • A wide range of industry accepted Electronic Deliverables (e.g. EQuIS, ESDAT, Excel and customized formats)
  • Electronic Secure Final Certificates
  • Quality Control Reports, Narratives and Invoices.
  • Individualized Project Management and Customer Contact Personnel; Monthly Project Tracking Reports; the provision of Sample Containers; and Sample Logistic Handling; round out the services provided by the Division.

Please contact Business Development to discuss your analysis requirements or to request a price quotation.