Value-added services

LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System)

ALS Arabia Biyaq LIMS software offers a set of key features that support the client’s requirements and further manages multiple aspects of laboratory operation. The LIMS report formats (electronic and hard copy options) are customized to fit information technology requirements.

On-line Web Access

ALS offers an advance, on-line web access service called WebTrieve. The most unique feature is its simplicity, providing user-friendly navigation to access results, compare against regulatory  levels and download data into spreadsheets for electronic data deliverable functions and email directly from the website. In addition, clients can view the progress of their samples through the laboratory, from anywhere in the world, by way of an online, encrypted account. 


Personalized Services

  • Project Managers are highly trained technical professionals who have a comprehensive understanding of the analytical needs of clients; and
  • Prompt response to questions and project planning.

Seminars and Training

  • Client and industry customized seminars and workshops;
  • Regulation updates;
  • Education on new priority pollutants; and
  • Education on sampling procedures.