Quality Management System

ALS Arabia Biyaq Quality Management  System (QMS) is structured to meet the clients need and ALS Arabia Biyaq corporate policies, as well as accreditation, licensing, and certification requirements. The QMS is detailed in all in-house docu- mentation. Extensive training and monitoring by quality assurance staff ensures effective implementation. The ALS Arabia Biyaq Quality Assurance function operates independently of operations. It is comprised of trained and active  assessors who are respected professionals.

All systems that contribute to ensuring the quality of analytical results and client services are documented under the authority of management to ensure a consistent provision of services. Training in all critical job tasks is provided, measured, documented and monitored.

All analytical methods used by ALS Arabia Biyaq are validated prior to approval for use in the lab. All approved methods included quality control and performance criteria that must be achieved prior to releasing any data. By ensuring the quality assurance data meets method specific quality objectives. ALS Arabia Biyaq can ensure that the analytical results are traceable and defensible prior to their release.

Scheduled internal audits are performed on all quality management system elements. The audit system ensures conformance to the QMS and applicable performance criteria. Accreditation, certification, and licensing bodies also perform audits to ensure conformity to the applicable standards or regulations. In addition, clients are welcome to perform audits to verify compliance with their project requirements.