ALS Arabia Biyaq - Oil and Gas Division  provides testing services on a range of oil and gas products .

ALS Arabia Biyaq - Oil and Gas section provides local and global support where and when you need sampling services and detailed laboratory analyses. With our sophisticated laboratory equipment and fully qualified chemists and specialists, we provide oil and gas testing services.

The Oil and Gas laboratory section offers wide range of analytical testing services for production quality control, troubleshooting, contamination, purity and components, conformity assessment and other applications for petroleum and petrochemical feedstocks, intermediates and final refined products.

We also provide detailed gas testing (Natural Gas, Pipeline Gas, Lean/Rich Gas, Sour Gas, Sweet Gas, LPG, etc.) as well as field sampling and field testing services.

A comprehensive lubricating oil condition monitoring (OCM) test certificate will also be made available on the operating condition of your machinery vis-à-vis lubricating oil physic-chemical test parameters over the operating period. The benefits of our Lube Oil Condition Monitoring (OCM) services include but not limited to the following:

  • World-class Oil Testing Facilities
  • Independent and Impartial Chemists/Specialists
  • In-depth Oil Analysis
  • Oil Maintenance Optimization
  • Reduction of Operating Costs
  • Extended Oil Drain Periods
  • Eliminate Unscheduled Engine Shut Downs
  • Protect Equipment

The oil and gas laboratory section follows standard methods such as ASTM, ISO, IP, GPA and other industry recognized oil and gas test methods.

Please contact Business Development to discuss your analysis requirements or to request a price quotation.