Quality Assurance

Environmental Quality Assurance Data Integrity and Quality is important to end users and clients alike and as such, attention to Quality and Process Control within Environmental Division Laboratories is paramount. The regionally managed by globally consistent quality systems employed at Environmental Division laboratories have been designed to consistently provide reliable, legally defensible analytical results which meet local and international requirements for accreditations, certifications, and licensing.

Environmental Division laboratories employ full time trained QA/QC Chemists to help maintain the quality system, conduct internal audits and assist in training and compliance.

Process Control

Routine laboratory control samples used in Environmental Division Laboratories include:

  • Certified Reference Materials
  • Laboratory Duplicates
  • Laboratory Control Spikes
  • Matrix Spikes
  • Surrogates
  • Secondary and project Standards
  • Inter Laboratory (Proficiency) Testing

In addition to the above Environmental Division Quality is further enhanced by:

  • Client managed blind inter laboratory duplicate samples
  • Intra laboratory blind field duplicate samples
  • Client and Industry managed independent audits and accreditations